What Country Friends Is This?


International Tour 2018/2019. What country friends is this? is a new theatre piece devised by the 2019-ensemble and Joachim Matschoss with music by young composers Olivia Smith and Tom Pitts. What country friends is this? sees Viola (Twelfth Night’s heroine) to land in Illyria which looks part forest of Arden, part contemporary city. Viola disguises herself to explore this strange place and tries to find employment and bumps into Juliet (who has just met Romeo at that infamous party). Love hits and a confused Cesario (Viola) runs away, meeting other Shakespearean heroines along the way.

The theatre piece deals with identity, relationships, love, gender and what it means to be young in today’s times. Above all it explores Shakespeare’s themes in a fun way. Soliloquies become songs and the audience will not escape the magic of love.

What country friends is this? will be shown on a bare stage with an ensemble of four actors/singers. They share their thoughts and their innermost feelings with the audience. This is a piece of theatre that includes original songs. It part comic, moving and thought-provoking. The show premiered in Melbourne/Australia in 2018, before touring in late February to April 2019 to HongKong, China, Thailand, Singapore, Germany, the United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, France, Switzerland, the USA, Ireland, the Philippines and the Netherlands.

Cast: Casey Bohan, Anna Lyons, Megan Mitchell and Olivia Smith.

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