Teaching and Learning

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By Joachim Matschoss performed in 2017 at the Abbotsford Convent

A run-down school. Dr. Andrew Bond arrives with a mission: to drag the place into the 21st century whatever it may take. Deputy Kelly Shoe tries desperately to just reach the end of each day in one piece. Open warfare between the Sports-department, headed by control-freak Lex Ratters and the smarmy academic and part-time poet David O’Keefe. Well, real life really…

We have decided to set Teaching and Learning in a stylised make-shift boardroom with no designated audience area. The audience sat at a long table or took their seats anywhere they liked and moved around if they felt like it…the madness that is education happened all around them, maybe even somewhere were they least expected it.

Cast: Dom Westcott, Anna Lyons, Sean Paisley-Collins, Cara Whitehouse, Ben Jamieson, Jake Matricardi, Isabel Mulrooney, Bridget Sweeney and Alisha Eddy

Music/sound: Rob Downie

Director/Writer: Joachim Matschoss

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