Star of Wormwood


By Joachim Matschoss and Matt Baker

International Tour.

Star of Wormwood is a theatre piece by Joachim Matschoss with music by Matthew Baker that deals with the issue of prejudice. It tells the story of a High School student researching the life of Mary Webster, a woman accused of witchcraft in 1680. The student becomes so fascinated by her topic that time and space become irrelevant and she suddenly finds herself centuries ago on a hill in desolate surrounds talking to Mary Webster.

This haunting theatre piece was being presented on a bare stage but soon the empty space is occupied by a strange mix of characters, all part of a shadow-world. They share their thoughts, their innermost feelings, longings and desires. This music theatre piece is based on a true story, researched from articles, interviews, snippets of reality. Star of Wormwood uses physical theatre, dance, song, puppetry and visual elements to create a moving experience.

Writer/Director: Joachim Matschoss

Composer: Matthew Baker

Designer: Rod Primrose

Cast: Elsa Caruso, Taylor Troeth, Harriet Reid, Jake Rosen, Ben Jamieson, Chelsey Weisz, Robert Downie, Liam Farrell.

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