Ordinary Australians


By Joachim Matschoss – coming in November/December 2019 at the Abbotsford Convent and in the Delatite Hotel, Mansfield.

Kenny is an ordinary Australian, a very valued member of ‘Team Australia’. He works in the construction industry and lives a quiet life with his partner, Primary School Teacher Sheryl. One day a politician appears on the building site where Kenny is working and one moment to another things will change forever. Kenny might even become the new Prime Minister of Australia. Ordinary Australians is a political comedy that doesn’t hold back.

Cast: Nathan Bocskay, Katie Ferraro, Anna Lyons, Ben Jamieson, Jake Matricardi, Delta Brooks and Megan Mitchell.

Music: Tom Hoskins

Production Assistance: Anton Kuom

Writer/Director: Joachim Matschoss

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