Beauty of Scars

Tilly Legge

Tilly Legge

By Joachim Matschoss

The Beauty of Scars is a new theatre piece by Joachim Matschoss with music by Tom Hoskins that deals with the issues of abuse and identity or rather the loss of. The piece tells the story of school-friends Sarah and Sally who grew up in rural Western Australia. Events during that time force them to leave everything behind in a desperate attempt to be safe. Years later (at the beginning of the play) we see them trying to make sense of their past and ultimately wanting to find each other again.

Designer: Shaun Gurton

Lighting Designer: Michele Preshaw

Composer: Tom Hoskins

Writer/ Director: Joachim Matschoss

Cast: Catherine Lewis, Tilly Legge, Amy Cameron and Tom Hoskins.

Catherine Lewis

Catherine Lewis

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